Vidya Sagar

Our Board

S.No Name of the board member Qualifications/ Professional Background Number of years associated with the organisation Relationships with other members Designation in other organisations, if any
1 Mr. Shankaran Nair BA(Economics) / MBA 20 Chairperson Partner - Tapas Consultants
2 Mr. Gopinath Business Management 31 Vice-Chairperson Managing Director Fluidtherm Technology Pvt Ltd.
3 Ms. Anuradha Venkatesh PGDM (IIM,B) 12 Secretary CEO, Vivitsu Mentoring Academy
4 Mr.Ramesh.S Chartered Accountant 7 Treasurer Chartered Accountant - Freelance
5 Ms. Poonam Natarajan PostGraduate/Special Educator 31 Founder - Member Ex- Chairperson- National Trust
6 Ms. Rasheeda Bhagat M.A. In English Literature 31 Member Senior Associate Editor and Member, Editorial Management Committee, Business Line(The Hindu)
7 Mr. Sriram Panchu Law 10 Member Advocate & Senior Counsel
8 Mr. Siddharth.G.J. M.A Economics, B.Com 21 Member Bank Executive - IndusInd Bank
9 Ms. Dwaraka Pandurangi M.Com 31 Member Volunteer fundraiser for Vidya Sagar
10 Mr. E K Parmeswaran B.Tech, M.S Member Sr.VP, IT Services firm
11 Ms. Radhika Alkazi B.A Hons. In Sociology, Masters in Mass Communication Member Founder of ASTHA, an organization that works for children/adults with disabilities, Managing Trustee of ASTHA