Vidya Sagar

Family Based Rehabilitation

It is people who count, not the disability

This programme empowers and trains parents while training the children. This programme is also the first point of contact as it houses the Advisory and Referral Clinic where the person with disability is first assessed and a plan for the future is created with the family.

Home Management

The Home management programme pioneered by Vidya Sagar in 1985 was designed to specifically suit Indian conditions. The focus is on demystifying disability, empowering and training the parent /family/caregiver to effectively meet the special needs of their child.

This programme caters to children who are not able to access rehabilitation services like special education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy or communication therapy on a daily basis. These children come to VidyaSagar once a week with the mother or caregiver. Parents are an essential part of the team that assesses the child's requirements, plans for his or her specific needs and later evaluates the success of the programme. Both mother and child receive training and parents taught the skills required to train the child on their own.

Vidya Sagar trains them to achieve maximum independence in self-help skills and vocational skills. We help them socialize and create a friends and buddies circle. Regular home visits are conducted to help the extended family participate in the progress of the child.

The programme has helped in:

  • »   Formation of parent to parent support groups
  • »   Effective early intervention and inclusion for children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism
  • »   Empowering parents to play a more proactive role in the child's programme and in handling societal pressures

Out-Station Programme

This programme is based on the family based rehabilitation model.It was started in 1986 to make it convenient for outstation parents to avail of quality rehabilitation services. It is a comprehensive three- day to one week programme where the person with disability, and the family access professional services (medical, therapeutic, orthotic, education and counseling along with workshops) under one roof. Boarding is provided for families on the premises (free of cost) so logistics do not pose a problem. The whole team of staff makes itself available. The programme is scheduled over holidays to provide this service without denying services to children who attend other programmes.

Follow up programmes are conducted once in three months and parents trained to continue the programme when they go back. Children from other countries like Sri Lanka, U.K, U.S.A, Bangladesh, Muscat and Singapore access these services regularly.