Vidya Sagar

Disability Legislation Unit

It is people who count, not the disability

The Disability Legislation Unit (South) is one of our most important projects. It was set up in collaboration with NCPEDP in September 2003 and is run by persons with disabilities. The DLU's motto reflects the United Nations' convention for persons with disabilities-Nothing about us without us. It works towards influencing both policy-makers and the grass roots communities to change perceptions of 'disability' in the society.

Objectives of DLU:

  • »   Increasing awareness about the law among disabled people, their families and organizations working with disabled people and the community
  • »   Increasing the availability of legal aid to disabled people across the country
  • »   Ensuring the implementation of disability legislation through advocacy
  • »   Lobbying with policy and decision makers for inclusive policies and programs
  • »   Formulation of appropriate laws/policies. Empowerment of persons with disabilities to be aware of their rights, advocate for themselves and take advantage of their rights

The DLU focuses on five areas:

  • »   Access
  • »   Awareness
  • »   Education
  • »   Lobbying with policy and decision makers for inclusive policies and programs
  • »   Employment
  • »   Legislation


  • »   Running issue-based campaigns
  • »   Making presentations to government officialson facilities to be made available to persons with disabilitiesand following up on them
  • »   Legal counseling camps
  • »   Conducting sensitization programs and workshops
  • »   Increasing awareness among persons with disabilities about their rights
  • »   Initiating research project

The DLU is a state partner in the National Disability Network and works with the Disability Rights Alliance of Tamil Nadu in influencing the policies and programs at the national and the state level.